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About Us

Who we are

We have many years of specialist experience working with teachers, school leaders and local authorities to raise standards in the teaching and learning and teaching in English.

In the past we have both been English Subject Leads and Leading Teachers for Literacy.  We were employed as National Strategy Literacy Consultants by Tameside LA.

During this time we worked on national initiatives such as the Communication, Language and Literacy Development project, Every Child A Writer, the Intensive Support Programme and the Primary Leadership Programme. We also developed local initiatives such as the Writing Improvement Project and Boosting Boys Writing.


In recent years, we have each been involved in KS1 and KS2 moderation both in official capacity and through support for moderation networks.

As part of our commitment to remaining up to date with latest pedagogies, government policy and research, we are members of key English associations such as the UKLA and the NLT.

We have also presented at the UKLA international conference.

We have a proven track record of school improvement, as well as leading training courses for individuals, clusters of schools and project groups, that are creative, inspiring and full of practical ideas to take straight to the classroom.


As announced on the National Literacy Trust Website, Debs has won the 2015-16 National Literacy Trust Individual Network Member of the Year.

The individual winner is Debs Bragard, who co-runs BC Education Ltd based in Stockport. Debs has been instrumental in helping a number of local schools to create a literacy framework that meets the needs of their teachers and pupils. In her entry, she demonstrated how she has used the Network tools and resources to shape her practice. She shared how the Network’s Annual Literacy Review tool helped to focus her action plans for supporting schools, while the book lists available were valuable when choosing quality texts for teaching grammar. Deb also attended a Network meeting where other members commented on how useful her contributions were.

How we work

Our approach to training is sympathetic yet rigorous, and our courses and bespoke school INSET sessions have always been well received and highly commended.

We strongly advocate a “hands-on” practical approach to learning and like teachers to leave our courses with ideas to use in the classroom tomorrow! The hardest part of professional development can be transferring it into the classroom.

We work with individuals and groups on planning, delivering and evaluating lessons, including demonstration and team-teaching.

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