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The inspector was enthused by the consistent approach across the three classes he observed.  In particular, he commented that the teaching format was very similar, the language consistent, the PowerPoints used and Pupil Cards consistent, and similar language and phrases utilised, e.g. ‘Don’t forget to use your phoneme fingers’. The inspector was impressed with how it all worked together – phonics and reading.

The inspector wanted to be sure that our phonic scheme works well for our school, that the children are enjoying phonics, that none are left behind and all are supported.

The Ofsted report states that, “Teachers understand the importance of getting every child to become a fluent reader as soon as possible. From the early years onwards, skilled staff teach them the different sounds letters make. This means children in the Reception year can read sentences such as ‘His cat will go to the vets if it is ill.’ Those in Year 2 can read words such as ‘meadow’ and ‘breakfast’. Pupils soon become confident, accurate readers. Staff give intensive support to those whose phonic skills are weaker.”

Stefan Papadopoulos, Head Teacher, Hayfield Primary School

We were keen to purchase a scheme which promotes active learning within a systematic and synthetic phonics programme. First Class Phonics came with pre-made ‘Pupil Cards’ for every set of GPCs along with a booklet full of engaging game suggestions for the children to play collaboratively with the cards as part of the ‘practice’ part of the lesson. The pupils love practising their new learning whilst playing games with the pupil cards.

Following First Class Phonics ensures a clear consistency of the teaching of phonics across year groups. The scheme is fully planned and resourced. Resources include PowerPoints and Pupil Cards. The children are familiar with the routines of the lesson and all of the signposts (visuals) that appear before each step of the lesson.

FCP offers regular CPD and training which helps us to ensure that teaching and support staff know how to teach phonics effectively and consistently.

Hope Doyle, Phonics Lead, Inspire Academy

Over the last 4 years, FCP has had an enormous impact on our phonics results. The structured nature of each session ensures all children get involved in the session quickly. Children enjoy the fun games. Staff appreciate the simplicity of preparing each session with the clear planning and well-made resources.

As Phonics Lead, I am confident that FCP provides consistency across all groups using it. FCP comes with all the support and training you’ll ever need. As Debs and Jane are at the heart of FCP they are quick to respond to any problems or queries. Buying FCP was definitely money well spent.

Clare Hart, Phonics Lead, Denton West End Academy

First Class Phonics is having an impact on our spelling as well as our reading. Reading data has strengthened throughout the school. Spelling is an area of our School Improvement Plan which we are working on and you can see there are clear improvements in spelling from EYFS upwards, as a result of using the programme.

FCP has provided staff with daily guidance on how to deliver phonics but it’s very adaptable and has enabled teachers to suit all of the learners in the sessions.

Workload has been affected positively because teachers are not having to make their own resources. The resources are all pre-prepared and staff can take the right phonic box for the right lesson. The whole staff had initial training and the programme was very quickly implemented.

Ofsted stated that the importance of revisiting and recapping prior knowledge was very evident in every phonics lesson,  enabling children to make accelerated progress. They saw a clear link between achievement in phonics and attainment in reading.

Ofsted were impressed with the teachers’ subject knowledge; the consistency from Nursery to Year Two and also leading into Year Three; how actively engaged the children were and that the phonically decodable books matched the pupils’ ability in phonics.

The Ofsted Report states that, “This… (Phase 1 provision in Nursery) …helps to prepare them well for learning the phonics curriculum as soon as they enter the Reception Year. Well-trained staff ensure that this curriculum is delivered effectively and, as a result, most younger pupils read with increasing fluency and accuracy.”

Catherine Parker, Head Teacher, Broadbent Fold Primary

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