How will First Class Phonics and First Class Readers inspire your children to become readers?

Our Reception children love the First Class Readers books and often choose to independently re-read them in our book corner. We love to see their enthusiasm for reading!

Beryl Horne, EYFS Lead, Hayfield Primary

  • The First Class Phonics progression is already matched up with the most commonly-used phonically decodable reading schemes.  This is to prevent schools from having to throw out existing phonically decodable book stock. We will support your school to use your existing books alongside First Class Phonics.  We will provide resources so you can easily relabel and reorganise your books to match the FCP progression.
  • Our matching phonically decodable reading scheme, First Class Readers, can be purchased by schools to supplement and increase existing book stock. First Class Readers has been written by teachers who know what teachers want and children need.  Our books are fun, engaging and designed to give immediate success in reading. Your children will want to read these books!
  • First Class Readers provides books that match up to every single Set (week of teaching) so that your teachers can confidently select the right book at the right time – this ensures that children have an immediate opportunity to practise recently taught phonics.
  • The texts are all phonically decodable because they are entirely composed of words made up of GPCs taught up to that point plus a small number of taught Tricky Words.
  • Each Unit in Phase 2 provides a range of books so you can choose the right book for each child or group.  We provide books in these Units with the same phonic focus but with varying levels of difficulty (A, B and C).  This allows you to choose a book that will suit each child in your class – from the most confident to the least confident reader. Have a look at our book samples to see the range of books within a Phase Two Unit.
  • First Class Readers have been written specifically for children in Reception and Year One.  The books start in Reception with the simplest of texts and go up through a cumulative decodable progression. This progression will take Reception children to a level of reading ability that matches the ELG for Word Reading.  It will also take Year One children to a level of reading ability that matches the end of Year One Word Reading Programme of Study in the National Curriculum.
  • Schools have found that having books matched precisely to the scheme’s small steps of progress is invaluable in getting the children off to a confident, flying start.
  • Each book contains clear guidance that supports both parents and teaching assistants to use the books effectively and ensure that children get the most out of the books.
  • Initial free CPD includes guidance and training on how to ensure that children apply  recently taught phonic knowledge and skills within a Guided Reading lesson.

In Unit 2.4, there are three books which allow children to apply their learning with the new graphemes g, k, e. By looking at the three samples below, you will see the progression in difficulty within a Unit.

Click on the books below to download these samples.  (To see more book samples, please go to Home Page).


‘Easy’ for less confident readers
words and phrases
lots of repetition


‘Moderate’  for most children
short sentences
some repetition


‘Challenge’ for more confident
longer sentences
speech bubbles
less repetition

Our teachers and pupils love the First Class Reader books! The books have engaging storylines and feature relatable characters. There is a great balance of both Fiction and Non-Fiction texts. 

The books contain lots of features to discuss with the children such as speech bubbles, thought bubbles, captions. The inside cover has outlined an overview of GPCs, tricky words, focus words as well as question suggestions and tips which parents find really useful. 

The text is large, clear and printed onto a pastel background making the text accessible for all. 

Hope Doyle, English Lead, Inspire Academy

I think these books are great and the pointers given to help teaching assistants, volunteer readers and parents are spot on and are easy to do.

I like the suggestions for having fun with phonics too.

I think the photos are great too and they have an ‘uncluttered’ feel which help children to focus on the page easily.

EYFS Lead, Shibden Head Academy


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