What training do you get?

The support you get from the First Class Phonics team is excellent. Training needs are catered for and the Phonics Lead Network meetings are invaluable to liaise with other First Class Phonics schools to discuss good practise. Any query is answered quickly and new resources ordered, arrive promptly so no delay is felt with delivery of the scheme.

Sharon DeMatteis, English Lead,  Shibden Head Academy

In the first year, schools will get free, high-quality initial and ongoing training:

  • Free, high-quality, initial ‘live’ on-line training for all teaching staff on how to teach phonics effectively with First Class Phonics.  This training also includes guidance on how to assess progress and support children at risk of falling behind the programme’s expected pace.
  • Free, on-going CPD for Phonics Leads through termly online Networks on ‘How to lead on phonics’ and how to achieve consistency, high-quality teaching and fidelity to the programme.
  • Free, on-going CPD for Phonics Leads through termly networks on ‘How to lead on phonics’ and how to achieve consistency, high-quality teaching and fidelity to the programme.
  • Free guidance documents to support effective delivery of First Class Phonics including detailed ‘How to teach…’ guides and ‘Prompt Cards’ for quick memory-joggers.
  • Initial training can also be provided as in-school, face-to-face INSET. Cost dependent on size of school.  Please contact Debs or Jane to discuss the best options for your school.
  • Schools can opt-in to have continuous access to free training and support after the first year through a cost-effective, annual membership subscription.

All training (live and on video) is provided by Debs Bragard and Jane Creed, the writers of First Class Phonics. They are both DfE-approved phonics trainers and have been providing high-quality phonics training for many years to schools across the UK.

What resources do you get?

A comprehensive range of quality resources come ready-to-use. 
We provide the following for each Set (week):

  • Learning Overviews and Weekly Planning – easy-to-follow, ready to use
  • Teaching PowerPoints:
    • Reading Check PowerPoints – words with buttons and bars which appear on a ‘click’ to support ‘sounding out’ and pictures to check accuracy of decoding.
    • Reading Choice PowerPoints – words with buttons and bars which appear on a ‘click’ to support ‘sounding out’ and pictures to develop understanding of new vocabulary and to check accuracy of decoding.
    • Spelling PowerPoints – pictures as prompts for dictated words and captions.
    • Tricky Words/High Frequency Words PowerPoints.
    • Alien Words (pseudo words) and Unicorn Words (less common real words) PowerPoints to help Year One children prepare for the Phonics Screening Check.
  • Group or Class Pack of Pupil Cards (number of Pupil Sets depending on class size and organisation) – sets of double-sided word cards (with, and without, sound buttons) and matching picture ‘check’ cards for practising reading and spelling
  • Group or Class Pack of TW/HFW Pupil Cards (number of Pupil Sets depending on class size and organisation) – sets of word cards for practising reading and spelling of Tricky Words and High Frequency Words (up to Phase 5 Part 4).
  • Set of 3 puppets – Trevor, Izzy and Luna.
  • Set of 4 grapheme wall charts – Phase 2 graphemes, Phase 3 graphemes, Phase 5 (parts 1-3) graphemes, Phase 5 (parts 1-9) graphemes.
  • Letter formation wall poster – EYFS letter formation.
  • Dry-wipe poster – for modelling letter formation in EYFS.

In addition, we provide the First Class Phonics Teaching Manual which includes a wealth of additional planning, teaching and assessment materials such as teaching records, tracking grids, regular Progress Checks plus guidance about on-going, and periodic, assessment. It also includes lesson guidance, prompt cards for teachers, a comprehensive activity booklet, guidance on guided reading, Catch-up plans and guidance, guidance and resources for teaching letter formation in EYFS… as well as so much more!

Additional resources that can be purchased:

  • First Class Phonics Readers – a complete set of 122 phonically decodable books precisely matched to the First Class Phonics progression (Phase 2 to Phase Five Part 4). These can be purchased as guided reading sets or as packs of individual books.
  • Captions Cards – caption cards and picture ‘check’ cards.  These are useful for small group work or differentiation.
  • Additional Group packs of Pupil Cards
  • Additional Group packs of TW/HFW Pupil Cards.
  • Additional posters and/or puppets.
  • Grapheme wall friezes – for Phase 2 and 3 with picture mnemonics.

      I love how well resourced the scheme is as it allows me to just get on with the teaching and applying. I don’t have to think about making cards or copying resources as they are all ready, including detailed planning, PowerPoints and a handwriting scheme that runs alongside the phonics scheme.

      Sally Scott, Phonics Lead, Shibden Head Academy

      Contact us below to find out more, view resources and get a free trial…


      Jane Creed

      Mobile: 07724 558282

      Email: jane@bced.co.uk

      Debs Bragard

      Mobile: 07595 421642

      Email: debs@bced.co.uk